Child/Parent Helpline Chat

At the beginning of July 2019, the Child/Parent Helpline Chat was put into operation.


The Child/Parent Helpline Chat is built on the ORDO 2.0 application platform. The Chat is run on a GlassFish server and uses an instance of the Microsoft SQL Server for the persistent data storage. Users access the Chat through the HTTP(S) protocol using a web browser. Communication between The Child/Parent Helpline’s clients and consultants is full-duplex; messages are sent through the WebSocket protocol.


The Child Helpline Chat is designed for children and students up to 26 years old. They are allowed to enter a chat room at the website and contact one of the Child Helpline‘s consultants for help there. A client (child/student) sees a simple chat room on his/her computer screen and exchanges messages with an anonymized consultant here.


The Client’s access to the Child Helpline’s chat room is conditioned by his/her registration. The only mandatory registration’s entry is the client’s nickname. This is the way how the anonymity is provided.



Klient EN




A consultant (child/student) sees two chat windows on his/her computer screen. The first window is designed for communication with a client. In the second window, the consultant can request a intervisor for a help.






When a conversation ends, the consultant is redirected to a summary form where he/she puts comments and other notes regarding the conversation. The summary form is prefilled with some basic data about the conversation (e.g. client‘s name, interaction’s duration), which saves the consultant’s time.


Interakce EN


Conversations’ records are stored in the Child Helpline Chat’s database. A client has access to the history of all his/her conversations and is able to permanently delete them anytime he/she wants.


The Parent Helpline Chat is designed for parents of children and students up to 26 years old. They are allowed to enter a chat room at the website. Communication between parents and consultants is the same as in case of the Child Helpline Chat.