Projekt QG0

Implementation of IT processes in important financial institution.

Application QG0 at first was designated as quick GUI of CA Service Desk. The application was intendet to simplify preview, editing and registration of Configuration Items and Change Orders. Later QG0 started to deal with other related processes, which weren't covered in CA SD in sufficient way.
QG0 connects every process with Configuration Management. The application deals with following processes:

  • Configuration Management
    • Configuration Items preview and editing.
    • Business Services dependencies visualisation.
    • New Configuration Item registration based on Service Catalogue request. Forwarding of new CIs data to process automation software.
    • Configuration Items reconciliation among CA CMDB, uCMDB and other management tools.
    • Data consistency and integrity reporting.    
  • Change Management
    • Change Order registration. Approving level setting based on Configuration Items dependencies.
    • Change Order solving.
    • Dependency between Change Order and Incident.
    • Reporting.
  • Data Center Management
    • Floorplans of rooms and visualisation of racks occupancy.
    • Space reservation of racks.
  • Operation Event
  • Capacity Management
    • Collection of capacity growth requests.
    • Validation of requests across the technological teams. Budget approving.