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Service Desk

ServiceDesk is a comprehensive service to ensure maximum comfort to the customers. ServiceDesk is an organizational center enabling to unify all communication channels in one place and then to centrally record, evaluate and manage services delivered regardless of their size and type. The communications center is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is always able to provide immediate assistance.

You can communicate with ServiceDesk: 

  • over the phone,
  • e-mail,
  • www pages,
  • fax, courier…

 ServiceDesk provides the following services:

  • technical consultancy - available immediately,
  • records of events (failures, installation, ...),
  • asset register (purchases of property, technical evaluation, ...),
  • the records of the technical configuration (location, connections of functional units, ...),
  • evaluation of the implementation of service level agreements,
  • solving complex problems,
  • management of external suppliers,
  • statistical evaluation of the recorded values.

The most common use of the ServiceDesk is a professional consultancy and an inspection of the provided services. In this case the customer can be provided with an immediate telephone assistance, which is able to solve a significant proportion of the technical problems arising from the use of computer technology. The most important aspect is the speed of the information. However, in case of a hardware failure, it is not possible to help remotely. Even if the assistance is not provided immediately, the customer promptly receives a general idea of the complexity of the problem and is informed about the time likely to be required to repair it. Similarly, the customer can get an instant information about the current state of supply solutions.

ServiceDesk is a modern way to speed up and improve the service along with the improvement of recording and evaluation of service delivery. Remote immediate advice remains the main contribution to the ServiceDesk service delivery.

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