The goal of the project is to develop and implement information system ISTA for Technology agency of the Czech Republic (TA CR) and provide support and follow-up development.

TA CR provides support of projects in the area of research, development and innovation, to establish partnership of research, commercial and nonprofit organizations.

The project is divided into Development phase and Support phase:


  • Development phase was realized from January 2016 to December 2017, and included project management, complete analysis (functional, process, legal, security), system development and configuration, data migration from legacy system, testing (incl. performance a security), deployment and pilot. As part of the development phase the project progression was verified by two prototype development and testing.
  • Support phase has started in January 2018 and is planned for 5 years. Support covers issues and incidents solving, minor development within support, and moreover follow-up development of new Customer requirements.


ISTA system covers entire life cycle of projects: public tender announcement, project proposals submission, formal check, evaluation (both individual and expert board evaluation), conclusion of contract, project realization incl. continuous checks and reporting, project closure incl. final billing, project evaluation and implementation of results/outputs into practice.


ISTA system is based on ORDO Complex technology, which allows to provide faster development of modular, secure and architecturally standard applications using definitions in XML format and templates. ORDO architecture is built on standard three-layer architecture and fulfils Java EE 6 specification.

Key modules used in ISTA system:

  • User forms management – configuration allows to use fields of many types, buttons, bookmarks, form versions, usage in workflow, validation rules, user rights management etc. Example of form definition

            Form definition

  • Workflow management – allows to drag-and-drop workflow definition, timers, exceptional states handling and current states monitoring. GUI allows to manage workflow to use forms and invoke new processes based on user roles, current steps and other conditions. Systems displays overview of tasks assigned directly to relevant user. Example of workflow definition:

            Workflow definition

  • Integration platform provides communication and integration of modules and third-party externa systems. Key integrations used in ISTA: MagnusWeb (Bisnode), Spisová služba – DMS (S602), Google Apps, MojeID, eduID, IS VaVaI, Rejstřík trestů – criminal records system, RUIAN, Active directory
  • Reporting module provides both graphical and SQL interface to configure reports in system – for admins or reporting staff only. Example of report definition:

            Report definition

  • User and User roles management, User rights management, and moreover workgoups management