Services portfolio


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The company AHASWARE s.r.o. is a provider of consulting services which

  • increase the standard of provided services for your IT
  • reduce the demands on the total operating and investment costs

We provide consulting services in the areas of

  • networks and system management
    • design and implementation of monitoring tools for network and system management (e.g. HP OpenView platform)
    • integration work associated with these monitoring tools
  • IT Process Management
    • design and implementation of ITIL tools and related processes
    • ITIL and CRM tools integration
    • consultation in the field of evaluation and measurement of IT services
  • security
    • security of systems and database servers
    • public key infrastructure (PKI)
    • risk analysis
  • activities
    • mapping and recording of existing processes
    • evaluation of the effectiveness and maturity of processes (and thus the organization)
    • proposals for new processes and procedures
    • documents for ISO audit
    • associated with the process used tool
      • audit
      • amendments offer
      • tool selection
      • design / implementation of a new procedural tool (Service Desk, Workflow Management, Work Order Management, ...)
  • inputs - interviews with employees, existing documents
  • outputs - process diagrams, documents the verbal description
  • tools for modeling processes (ARPO Modeler, ARIS Toolset)
  • methodologies and best practices (ITIL, CMM, eTOM)

All consulting services can be supplemented by development work and ServiceDesk support.