Company AHASWARE s.r.o. has developed and is developing a wide range of products.

We are providing development work in the following areas:

  • ITIL integration work tools (e.g. HP OpenView ServiceDesk),
  • CRM and CTI integration,
  • registration and support tools,
  • web Applications,
  • application of e-learning systems,
  • creation of installation packages for various systems, local or remote installation,
  • multilingual web application.

Our most common and most popular development tools:

  • C, C++, C#,
  • Java a J++,
  • PHP,
  • Tcl,
  • VFP6,7,8,
  • database programming, MS-SQL, RDBMS Oracle Database Server,
  • Unix scripts csh, sh,
  • REX scripting and PERL.

Realized solutions:

Presentation on the website, however, allows to show only “visible” part of the systems, so we would appreciate if you inquire about any of the fields.