Portfolio společnosti

Company Portfolio
Process management

The portfolio of AHASWARE in the field of ICT consulting is strongly focused on technical expertise and efficient delivery. Within process management, we provide clients with top-notch services in the areas of process analysis and optimization, implementation of frameworks, and best practices such as ITIL or eTOM, as well as process automation through technical tools and integrations. Our projects are designed to maximize efficiency and minimize unnecessary costs. This includes mapping and documenting existing processes, evaluating their effectiveness and maturity, proposing improvements, creating documentation for audits, and appropriate supplementation with tools. The main tools we use for process modeling include ARPO BPMN++ Modeler, ARIS Architect / ARIS Designer, or Enterprise Architect.

ICT optimization

Organization optimization and increasing efficiency are another key element of our portfolio. We help clients identify and eliminate inefficiencies in the structure and processes of their organization, implement agile methodologies, and transform corporate culture to enhance flexibility and innovation. Our organization optimization services are designed to help clients achieve competitive advantage and long-term success in the market.

SW development

Company AHASWARE specializes in software development, with our portfolio primarily focusing on technologies based on Java and our proprietary platform AW ORDO. In the field of software development, we provide design, development, and maintenance of applications, implementation and integration of microservices architecture and distributed systems. For project management, we utilize elements of CI/CD pipeline. We implement containerization and orchestration focusing on Docker and Kubernetes. We work in accordance with agile methodologies, with efficient project management and quick response to requirements. Our technical knowledge and experience enable us to deliver sophisticated and reliable software solutions that align with the latest technological trends and the needs of our clients. Our project portfolio also includes large-scale migration projects of unsupported technologies or obsolete applications.

ITSM reimplementation

Specific projects undertaken by AHASWARE include the re-implementation of ITSM tools, addressing dissatisfaction with incorrectly or insufficiently adapted ITSM tools. Most often, this involves technical enhancements, where we provide comprehensive solutions for the modernization and enhancement of existing platforms, the implementation of necessary functionalities in overlay software, the optimization of configuration, and the improvement of the user interface. The second part involves integrations with surrounding systems and applications within the corporate ecosystem. Finally, we develop specialized interfaces and extensions for both customers and solution providers, enabling functions that are not available in the base tool.


We specialize in the connection and integration of IT Service Management (ITSM) systems, financial and ERP platforms, as well as tools for workflow automation (including our own AW ORDO workflow). Our services include analysis, technical design, implementation, and management of integrated system solutions. These serve as a means to improve the efficiency and transparency of corporate processes. At the core of our technical solution is the specialized module AW ORDO, which enables the connection of disparate processes, including their branches and parallel branches. During processing, it maps activities/states/events and attributes, and performs masking, merging, splitting, or searching for dependencies and individual entities. This system is used in telecommunications companies, banking, and energy to ensure seamless process processing.